First Aid Are You Prepared?

Hotels, spa’s and venues  in the countryside surrounded by rolling hills with lakes, rivers or streams are great places to relax and enjoy yourself.  What happens if an injury or accident occurs, can your First Aiders  deal with it be it minor or major.  Has your employer completed a Risk Assessment of First Aid Needs (RAOFAN) and if yes well done. So you have considered all the factors or have you?

Your location being where it is or being spread out over a wide area may put you into the category of a “remote location.”  How quickly could the emergency services get to you if required?  During this time your First Aiders are trying to keep the casualty alive.  Have you the resources, skills or training to do this?

First Aid Considerations:


Contractors or your own landscaping team may be working with chainsaws or machinery that requires specialist First Aid training.  Major injuries can cause severe bleeding which can be life threatening for those involved, minutes count to save lives.

In the event of a heart attack or a cardiac arrest, do you have Automated External Defibrillators available (AED)?  Those most at risk  from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) are fit young individuals who can collapse without warning.

If you have AED’s do you have enough of them, in the right place in relation to the size of your establishment?   One may not be enough if it is in reception and the incident take place out in the grounds.  The best chances of recovery when using  an AED is within the first 10 minutes of a cardiac arrest occurring.

How long will it take for the emergency services to reach you should this happen? If you have no AED then the chances of survival for the casualty are poor?  Do you know what the the four links in the Chain of Survival are?

AED awareness training is now included in all First Aid courses this helps to build confidence in individuals as well as giving hands on experience in using one of these items.  If you have an AED  for use in your establishment then you are obliged to have your staff trained as per current regulations.  Anyone can use a Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) on the side of a building etc. as the regulation do not apply in this situation.

When was the last time your First Aiders carried out any re-fresher training and  the HSE strongly advises that this is carried out annually,  which only takes up three hours of your time.

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