First Aid Quiz: Can you answer these questions?

First Aid Quiz: Can you answer these questions?

Over the past several months, we’ve been sharing lots of information relating to First Aid in our blogs. So, this month, we’ve decided to test your knowledge with a First Aid quiz! We will be giving away a prize to the winner (we will carry out a draw if there’s more than one of you!).

We will be announcing the prize and the winner on our Twitter page, so please continue to follow us @LWS_Training for regular updates.

Do you think you have what it takes to win? You may have to refer back to some of our previous articles for the answers…

Please answer the following questions and email your answers to:

  1. How many children are estimated to suffer from a peanut allergy, according to NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)?
  2. When assessing someone for anaphylactic shock, what does the acronym ‘ABC’ stand for?
  3. What do the letters ‘AAI’ stand for in relation to treating someone who’s experiencing a severe allergic reaction?
  4. If someone’s had a fall, at which point should you move them?
  5. What is the percentage of non-fatal injuries caused by slips, trips and falls on the same floor level, as reported by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)?
  6. Do you need to report minor falls in your workplace accident book?
  7. How many alcohol-related deaths were reported by the NHS in 2017?
  8. How many minutes can alcohol continue to rise after you’ve had your last drink?
  9. Why should you not give someone with suspected alcohol poisoning a cold shower?
  10. What are the three main types of burn?
  11. Why should you never use paraffin or petrol on a bonfire?
  12. How many minutes should you run cool water over a burn?
  13. What is the legal maximum temperature in the workplace?
  14. What happens to your body when humidity reaches above 80%?
  15. What does the term ‘metabolic heat’ mean in relation to the human body?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quiz – don’t forget, you could win a prize for your answers! We’ll be announcing the winner via our Twitter page on Friday, 27th March.  

If you found yourself in an emergency situation at work, or with a friend or family member, would you know what to do? If you’d like to learn more about First Aid, then why not book onto our fun, practical training course? Remember, simple skills save lives. Call 07974 407988 for a friendly chat about your training needs.

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