Why Should You Learn First Aid?

Why Should You Learn First Aid?

First Aid is not just a requirement for use at work it is a skill for life. We all have family or friends who may need our help either with a minor cut or injury, do you know what to do?

Typical responses as to why people do not want to carry out first aid:

  • I might get sued, 65% of the population think this could happen to them. Unless you do something inappropriate or something that you are not trained to do then everything will be fine (Samaritan Protocol).
  • I don’t have the confidence to deal with these situations. Our training gives you the skills and the confidence to deal with what is in front of you.
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are scary and could make their condition worse or cause further injury. AED’s are not scary and they cannot make the condition worse. Simply by listening to the instructions they take you step by step through the process, including when to call an ambulance.
  • I require training before I can use an AED? Not required the unit tells you what to do, technically true but with a little knowledge and understanding of Basic Life Support you could do so much more. Each unit is different and has unique features like can it be used with children as well as adults.
  • I might catch something from an individual? True you might but providing you take the proper precautions then this is unlikely to happen.
  • I don’t like the sight of blood. No one likes the site of blood and unless you faint when someone pricks their finger then you will be fine.

We all have something that we find difficult to deal with in first aid and it is true that in some situations it may be beyond your capabilities but you can make a difference whether it be dealing with a minor injury or a cardiac arrest.
Included in our courses are how to make a Silent Call and how you can register your mobile phone for sending text messages to the emergency services.

Want to know more, for more details on our training courses have a look at our website LWS Training Services or give me a call for a friendly chat on 07974 407988.

Simple Skills Saves Lives!

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