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If you’re looking for First Aid and Health & Safety courses, or where to get CPR Certified, then you’ve come to the right place. At LWS Training Services, we provide a wide range of training for all sizes of business – from corporate and medium-sized companies to the self-employed. We offer simple and affordable training solutions so you can prevent issues before they occur, keeping you and your business safe, secure and protected.

If you run a business with anywhere between 1 and 100 staff, you’ll know that accidents and injuries can spell disaster – not only for the people involved, but for employees, customers and suppliers. By failing to provide First Aid cover or training in Health & Safety, you are leaving yourself open to serious repercussions.

Ask yourself these 3 quick questions:

  • What if the worst happened and an employee was seriously injured?
  • How would your company continue if a key player left or was off work for a long period?
  • What are the consequences of you doing nothing to prepare for accidents and injuries?

As an employer, these are the issues you may have to deal with:

  • Loss of staff – be it permanent or temporary, due to illness, accident or long term health issues.
  • Needless costs – having to use temporary staff, or changes to equipment or working practices.
  • Poor staff morale – leading to a lack of productivity and absenteeism, which could impact your profit margin.
  • A visit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – with the risk of being closed down until work has been completed to rectify any issues.
  • Expensive and traumatic prosecutions – leading to fines, compensation and bad publicity from a governing body, the individual concerned or their family.

Good news – there is a quick and easy solution.

At LWS Training Services, our courses protect your business against accidents and injuries by creating a safer workplace. Your staff will know what to do to minimise the damage should the worst happen. What’s more, you can rest assured that you and your employees are safe and secure.

So, what’s easier for you?

Run the risk of serious trauma and disruption to your business? Or, spend a few hours with me and in doing so you will greatly reduce the risks to your business.

For a free, no-obligation chat about how you can protect your business, please call me now on 07974 407988

LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

Leslie Singleton

Senior Instructor
LWS Training Services - First Aid Training Courses

Leslie Singleton taught First Aid in the military during 32 years of service. During operational deployments, Leslie developed his First Aid skills enabling him to train as a Battlefield First Aid instructor.  After the military, Leslie began working for Eaton Ltd in a variety of roles before deciding to start up his own training company in 2013. As a part of this process, Leslie obtained all the necessary qualifications to enable him to teach in a civilian environment. Leslie believes strongly in continuing professional development (CPD) always keeping up to date with current legislation and improving his skills and qualifications. Leslie regularly attends training days on trauma, minor illnesses, drugs, and wound care.

More About Leslie Singleton

I believe that good training involves planning and an ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, as well as someone’s current skill level. Training needs to be fun, interactive, worthwhile and relevant to my attendee’s businesses. All my courses are tailored to fulfil these needs and contain realistic situations that people could experience in the real world.

My inspiration to become a First Aid trainer stems from early experiences in the Cubs and Scouts (and yes I know that was a long time ago). After a career working in the military, I gained a wealth of knowledge in First Aid and Health & Safety, which inspired me to want to help others learn how to cope in an emergency situation.

My ambition is to help those suffering as a result of natural disasters, war and famine. I am now a  proud part of Re-Act a disaster response organisation. This charity does amazing work, which includes getting aid to people in places without roads or infastructure. I completed my Domestic Operations course in January 2019 and my International Operations course in August 2019. I am now qualified as an International Operator, ready to respond to disasters at home or abroad, assissting those who need it most. I have been involved in a variety of operations including supporting the NHS throughout the Covid 19 situation, the Common Wealth War Graves Comission and more recently I am part of the team for the upcoming Common Wealth Games in Birmingham. I enjoy volunteering for a variety of causes and projects, including DIY SOS,  volunteer for my local vaccination centre, and SSAFA at the Battle Proms, helping to raise money for this very worthy cause.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is important to keep up to date with current legislation as well as improving my skills and qualifications. I regularly attend training days on trauma, minor illnesses, resuscitation, and wound care. I have achieved the qualification of First Response Emergency Care (FREC) Level 4 which gives me the ability to support first aid at events.

I am also an Open Water Instructor for Sub Aqua Diving and have been involved in teaching for the last ten years in classrooms, swimming pools and open water. Being involved in trips both at home and abroad, sometimes in remote locations, has given me the ability to plan, execute and deal with most “what if” situations.

Leslie Singleton – Founder, LWS Training Services


& see how LWS Training can help you with your First Aid and H&S training needs.

LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses
LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

Leslie Singleton

Senior Instructor
LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

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“Because business involves people, things can and will go wrong.  Provide first aid when necessary!”
Emily M. Axelrod