First Aid E-Learning Courses

First Aid  E-Learning Courses can be taken on any platform, at any location, and in your own time. This has a number of benefits for businesses and individuals as it helps transform the way people learn as well as developing new skills.

Learn the basic principles of First Aid and the most essential things you can do to keep people in need alive. Basic First Aid level 2 (VTQ) £24.95 – VAT

Basic First Aid covers some of the most important first aid skills you can learn, including recovery position, CPR, choking, bleeding, shock, burns, and more. Basic First Aid is aimed where training is needed that does not comply with HSE rules but does cover first aid subjects with no set minimum time requirements making it a flexible course for all.

Understand more about Anaphylaxis, how to recognise an Anaphylactic Attack and what you should do.Anaphylaxis Awareness Level 2 (VTQ) – £24.95 + VAT

Anaphylaxis Awareness course covers the use of Epi-Pens, Emerade, and Jext. Included are recognition of signs, treatment, concerns, and activating the Emergency Services (EMS) as well as care for the patient. This course is also available to Healthcare Professionals tailored to the duties of a medical professional.

Learn how to do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with this ProTrainings Course.Basic Life Support Level 1 (VTQ) – £19.95 + VAT

Basic Life Support is aimed at those who require a Level 1 qualification and for those individuals working in a non-clinical environment.  Be prepared when an emergency strikes this course will equip you with the knowledge & skills necessary to save a life in a moment of need.

Refresh your vital First Aid Skills for the HSE Recommendations with this First Aid at Work Annual RefresherFirst Aid At Work Annual Refresher – £24.95 + VAT

First Aid At Work Annual Refresher is for anyone who wishes to fulfill the strong recommendations by the HSE (First Aid Regulations 1981, Page 22 paragraph 75) that all first aiders in business should annually refresh their first aid skills be it EFAW or FAW. Please note that if you need to renew your First Aid at Work qualification, you will need to complete an approved classroom course.

Learn the Essentials of Basic Life Support to save a life. Ideal for many industries and for anyone wanting the basics of CPR.Basic Life Support Level 2 (VTQ) – £24.95 + VAT

Basic Life Support  covers skills for Adult, Child, and Infant as well as healthcare variations on infant CPR.  This is ideal for nurses, care workers, or medical professionals needing annual updates to complete professional membership. This course is ideal as an online-only course but if you need practical or blended sessions follow the links on the BLS page to contact one of our nationally approved instructors. There is a separate course for Health Care professionals which requires a practical skills evaluation session with one of our nationally approved instructors.

Learn the types of First Aid you should know to help those aged 50 and Over. Perfect for families and those caring for others.50 Plus First Aid – £24.95 + VAT

50 Plus First Aid provides basic first aid awareness training and accident prevention to adults over the age of 50. Subjects included in this course are providing care for partners and dealing with incidents involving younger members of the family. There is also a small section on pet first aid.

Arm Yourself with the Knowledge to Provide Essential First Aid When Out and About with this ProTrainings Course. Community First Aid – £19.95 + VAT 

Community First Aid course is ideal for groups like churches, youth centers, families, or individuals to give the basics of CPR and immediate care. This course goes alongside our Community AED course for training in the use of community AED units and gives you a general understanding of how to deal with a first aid emergency in your local community.

Learn how to use Automatic External Defibrillators and why early use is key with this ProTrainings Course. Community Automated External Defibrillator – £9.95 + VAT

Community Automated External Defibrillator is designed to complement the community first aid course. This is ideal for anyone who has access to an AED be it public, youth center, church, library, or village hall. Learning how to use them is very easy, this video course covers the basics of CPR and AED use so that you can have the basic skills to use one of these devices in an emergency. You do not have to have experience in First Aid to complete this course and you do not have to complete a practical lesson as AED units are very easy to use.  It does not matter what brand AED you have because the training is the same.

Learn more about Concussion and Brain Injury and the proper First Aid techniques you should use.Concussion and Brain Injury Awareness – £24.95 + VAT

Concussion and Brain Injury Awareness course covers the effects of a head injury and looks at the damage that can occur to the brain. Brain injury is often hidden, generally misunderstood and people do not always get the help and support they deserve or need. Recovery periods can be long and by purchasing this course you are supporting Headway Suffolk.


First Aid tailored to those in the beauty industry, however the same skills can be transferred into First Aid for everyday life.First Aid For Beauty Therapists – £24.95 + VAT

First Aid For Beauty Therapists course is designed for people involved in beauty therapy who require first aid training in the line of their work who come across medical problems that require attention. This course covers the types of problems that you could face meeting compliance needs. We also offer a video online Infection Control course for the Beauty Industry and infection control for a Tattoo which is ideal for treatments such as semi-permanent tattoos.

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LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

Leslie Singleton

Senior Instructor
LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

LWS Training Services is a provider of First Aid CPR certification classes and Health & Safety courses across the Midlands.

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LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

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LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

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LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

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& see how LWS Training can help you with your First Aid and H&S training needs.

LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses
LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

Leslie Singleton

Senior Instructor
LWS Training Services - First Aid and Health & Safety Courses

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